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Imagine having a LOGO & BRANDING that you are COMPLETELY IN LOVE with! 

And didn't cost $1000s OR require knowledge of complicated design software OR take weeks to design. 

Yes! I want the soho brand kit!

And I bet you are thinking...

f you're getting ready to launch your business for the first time or you're launching your next incredible offer - you already know how important it is that you have a cohesive brand in order to stand-out online.

With this Brand Kit Template you can finally get the logo and look that is unique to your brand!

"When I have a brand and logo I love to create a look that's professional and impressive...THEN I will finally show up for my business with confidence and START MAKING MONEY."

Your Brand Kit template has been lovingly designed by me - Hi! I'm Denise. I've been a designer for over 6 years and I've worked across many service provider industries. I know what it takes to design a stunning brand that connects with your clients and helps your build an unforgettable user experience for them.

Your brand helps your clients know you and trust you. They want a memorable experience that only you can provide. With a semi custom brand kit, you can have all the assets you need for a brand that will wow your clients! 

Why choose Digital Palm Templates?

What's included? In the Soho Brand Kit

A Full logo suite - 1 main logo and 2 secondary logos. 

A carefully curated color palette that has been intentionally designed for the look and feel of the brand kit. 

Matching fonts that work well together to draw the eye to where you want it most. 

A mood board to give a cohesive feel to your brand for anyone who will be using your assets. 

BONUS: 30 days free of Canva Pro to access all the design elements for your new brand.

BONUS: Video tutorials on how to edit your brand, how to choose a name for your business, why your brand is important, and how to create a mood board.

xx, Denise

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Canva is so easy to use, you'll be amazed at what you can create on the platform!

Not a designer? Not a problem!

This is the brand you need, designed to attract your dream clients for your

The brand your business deserves


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Personal Brand



Social Media


Career Coaching





Online Course


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Is clear and making your content cohesive is now simplified.

Gives you authority in your industry.

Helps you build trust with your audience by creating a consistent experience each time.

Helps you create a CLEAR message that will resonate with your audience.

​Your first impression on potential clients is professional & authentic.

You're no longer held back by this 'logo thing' and can get straight to making more money in your business.













I don't have a creative bone in my body. It was so EASY to use this template and I was able to change colors and text so quickly it took me only an hour or so to have my brand ready to go! 

- Emily W.

The design is beautiful! I was able to get the exact look and feel I wanted for my brand so easily! I recommend these templates to anyone who is getting started or needs a refresh! Thank you, Denise!

          - Melissa M.

I was skeptical at first, I thought the logo would be generic and look like everyone else. But this template opened up my imagination and I was able to create exactly what I wanted! I finally look and feel professional and proud of my business.

          - Shannon J..

Imagine finally having a brand & logo that

I'm ready for a brand & logo I love

Main logo

Anatomy of your brand

Alternate Logos

BRand color palette


mood board

This is the star of your brand suite. Use it on your website header & other marketing materials.

Use these logos where your main logo doesn't fit or look right. Great for favicons, business cards and other marketing content.

Color codes included to make sure you use the same colors throughout all your content. Easy to share with the team.

Perfectly matched fonts to make sure your brand always looks put together with elegant fonts that match. No more mismatching fonts.

Capture the full mood of your brand with images that represent the look and feel you want your customers to FEEL when they encounter your brand.

Plus these awesome bonuses to make your brand perfect!

Blah to Brand mini training
Name your Biz mini training
Pinterest Mood Board tutorial
Color Palette & Color Psychology Guide
Invitation to my private Facebook group to collaborate with other boss babes

PLUS! videos on how to edit EVERYTHING on your Brand Board

soho Brand Kit Template

vibrant  |  bold  |   dynamic  |  statement

3 simple steps to your

Dream Brand

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Receive immediate access to your template upon checkout completion.

Customize your Brand Template.

Follow along with the video tutorials to customize your brand kit and have fun creating a brand you'll love!

Share your new brand!

Download your new brand assets and share them with your audience! 

A cohesive, stunning, new brand can be yours for just          

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The link below and in your Brand Kit download is an affiliate link and I receive a small commission when you sign up at NO extra cost to you!

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Got Questions?

I've got answers!

Do I have to use Canva Pro?

I recommend signing up for the free trial because some kits include elements from the pro version. But, you can edit your template and then cancel the free trial. You don't have to have Canva Pro, but some templates include pro elements that you can switch out for free ones. Although, I'm sure you're going to LOVE Canva pro anyway ;)

What can I change in the templates?

Literally everything! You can change the colors, fonts, texts, elements, images - anything. Or you can leave it as is and just change out the name of your business. That is the beauty of these templates, you can be as creative with them as you want. 

What if the template I love is not for my industry?

That's totally ok! Every template is COMPLETELY customizable - from images, to fonts, colors, positioning of elements, everything! So, you can easily change up the templates to fit your brand and industry. 

What if I'm not tech savvy?

That's EXACTLY why I've designed all of the templates and the step-by-step tutorial video. I've made this incredibly simple and done all the heavy tech-lifting. You'll be able to follow along easily to customize your own logo!

What is the return policy?

Since you receive instant access t your template and all the video tutorials with your purchase - the Brand Kits are non-refundable. I promise you will be able to easily edit your template and create the look you love. And if you do get stuck you can reach out or join the FB group for instant feedback! You can do this!

What if I am not sure something looks good?

Easy! Hop into the Blah to Brand Facebook group and you can share your design with the group and receive feedback on what resonates with the audience. I'm in there often too so I can absolutely comment on what looks best through my designer's eye.

So are you ready to have the brand you have always dreamed of?

I'm ready